Leather Seat Repair

If you have leather seats in your car, you didn’t just choose to upgrade your style – you upgraded your investment. Not only are leather seats luxurious and stylish, when properly maintained they can last for the full life of the car. Unlike cloth upholstery, damaged leather can be brought back to life with the right products and technique. When it comes to leather seat repair, Puget Sound M.A.R.S. is the team you can trust to restore your stained and worn seats. We’ve seen many cases where customers thought their seats needed to be completely replaced but we were able to restore them for a much better price.

Do you need leather seat repair? Maybe it’s unsightly tears, scuffs, crease lines, cracks or even cigarette burns. Maybe over the years the sun has faded and discolored the seats. These types of damage are very common for cars, trucks, RV’s and boats. The more passengers you have, the more opportunities for wear and tear. But guess what? It’s no problem; the men from M.A.R.S. can take care of it all! Don’t miss out on the potential luxury of leather seats. Leather is unmatched in appearance and durability but the key is proper maintenance and restoration.

At Puget Sound M.A.R.S. we are committed to restoring your car’s leather interior to like-new condition by using the best professional-grade products. We are proud to serve a variety of customers ranging from local automotive dealerships, to body shops, car rental companies, as well as individual drivers. Our leather seat repair process improves resale value on top of making vehicles look more professional and clean, that’s why our customers count on us to get the job done right. You might think that your seats are beyond repair because they have a puncture from a pet’s claws or maybe even pet stains but we will get your vehicle looking and smelling like new.

Our technicians are trained in the latest color matching technology and are able to restore your leather with a matching finish and color. We can also remove and replace all or parts of the leather to match the other seats perfectly. Another benefit to our reconditioning services is that we are mobile, so if it’s more convenient for us to bring the leather seat repair to you, we can make it happen. While we’re out to visit, we can recondition other elements of the interior such as paneling, floors, carpets and more.

In addition to leather seat repair we offer an excellent leather conditioning treatment that helps prevent cracking and premature wear by keeping the leather soft and flexible. If your car has leather seats we strongly recommend adding our conditioning treatment to your auto detail twice a year. It’s an easy way to keep your car’s interior looking like new for years to come. Wondering what you could do to restore pride in your ride? Our team is here to help with all of your automotive reconditioning needs. Give us a call today.