Headlight Restoration

In the Pacific Northwest we deal with a lot of grey weather and a very dark winter after the clocks “fall back” every year. It’s during these times especially that we begin to notice our car’s headlights don’t seem to be shining as brightly as they used to. You might think you need to get new light-bulbs for your headlights, but cloudy or yellowed headlight lenses can dramatically decrease the effectiveness of your headlights even if the bulbs are brand new. Most headlights have UV protection that prevents sunlight damage to the plastic housing. Over time, the UV protection breaks down and fades, allowing more and more of the sun’s harmful UV rays to reach your vehicle’s plastic. The lens starts to become yellow and blurry. If you think this is happening to your vehicle, Puget Sound M.A.R.S. can help with our headlight restoration services.

The yellowish tint that develops over time can make it difficult for you to see at night and for other drivers to see you. That’s why it’s so important to correct the discoloration. There are many online tutorials and do-it-yourself products out there that claim to restore headlights, but they’re usually missing a vital step. You can’t simply polish headlights back to clear, you have to apply a new UV protective coat onto the plastic headlight fixture. Some DIY kits will even damage the headlights, so a trusted professional is best for the job. The team here at Puget Sound M.A.R.S. are experts in the industry and will take vigilant care of your vehicle. M.A.R.S. headlight restoration will correct even the worst yellow, cloudy and scratched plastic headlights. Our proven process ensures that your headlights are shining their brightest and your vehicle is providing you with optimal lighting for driving.

We know every vehicle is unique, so first we’ll need to see your vehicle in order to assess the level of damage. If headlight restoration is the best option for your vehicle, we will remove the damaged yellow plastic from the surface of the headlight. Then we perform a multi-step resurfacing and polishing process to make the headlight shiny and smooth. It takes skill to remove the discoloration without damaging the lens and you can count on our team to do it right. We finish the headlights off with a high-quality clear coat of UV protection similar to what is used on your car’s paint finish. Then – like magic – your headlights look brand new!

You’ll be pleased to discover how much the headlights affect a vehicle’s overall appearance. Headlight restoration is like getting a facelift for your vehicle. Pair it with a wash and detail and people will think you just got a new ride! Most importantly, having clear headlight lenses also increases your safety. You will notice that driving at night is much less stressful. Depending on the severity of your headlights’ discoloration, our headlight restoration service can enhance visibility by up to 140 percent! Looking for long lasting, professional results? Contact M.A.R.S. today.