Bumper Repair

If you’ve ever been in a fender-bender, you know it’s not always a big car accident that warrants a new bumper. A lot of times, there’s just a slight scrape to the paint or maybe a small dent. No need to go through the trouble of going to an automotive body shop. But that doesn’t mean you have to drive around with a permanent blemish on your vehicle, either. Puget Sound M.A.R.S. offers bumper repair services that can save you time and money compared to complete bumper replacement. Whether the bumper is plastic or metal, our team can repair scuffed, scratched, dented, cracked, detached and torn bumpers.

How can you tell if bumper repair will work with your vehicle? Usually it’s possible as long as the bumper is fully intact and without substantial damage. Definitely bring your vehicle down to the shop so we can see it in-person to give you an accurate repair plan and quote. As you can see from our before and after photos, we can take care of some pretty unsightly dents and marks. We can remove dents as big as a football! As long as your vehicle is a candidate for repair, we can offer a fast and affordable solution.

Typically, bumpers are repaired in one day. Compare that to a full bumper replacement which can take up to a week waiting on parts and services. We make the process as easy as possible for our customers by scheduling appointments that cater to various schedules. We reserve Saturdays as “appointment only” days for our customers who can’t make it during the work-week. So, if you’ve been driving around with a dinged bumper on your car or truck, give the men from M.A.R.S. a call. We can provide high-quality bumper repair for cars, trucks and vans.

At Puget Sound M.A.R.S. we understand that your car is a major investment. That’s why we are dedicated to honesty, value, and delivering the exceptional customer service you deserve. We’re highly trained in bumper repair for foreign and domestic vehicles. We work with all makes and models, specializing in professional quality automotive reconditioning services. If there is anything else on your vehicle that’s taking away from its curb appeal, we can take care of it during the same appointment. Our team can handle wheel rim repair, paint touch-ups, headlight restoration and detailing all around your vehicle’s interior and exterior, just to name a few popular services.

We pride ourselves on achieving great results, and our team has the knowledge and expertise to restore your vehicle’s bumper in no time. There are many techniques we can use such as paint transfer removal, buffing and repainting with color-matched paint, sanding down and reshaping, filling in scratches, and more. Whether your bumper damage has been self-inflicted by a clash with the garage door or finding that another vehicle got too intimate with yours in the supermarket parking lot, bumper repair is one of our specialties at Puget Sound M.A.R.S. Schedule your appointment today!