MARS offers a wide variety of services for your automobile's restoration. Be sure to check out our gallery to see awesome before and after results!

    Exterior Repairs

    Headlight Resurfasing - MARS will correct yellow cloudy & scratched plastic headlight covers. Clear headlight lenses increase your safety and they improve the overall appearance of your vehicle. After resurfacing your lenses, you will notice that driving at night is less stressful and much easier!

    Scratch Removal - MARS will remove scratches on any vehicle by using the latest technology in buffing pads, high speed polishers, wet sanding, cutting and polishing compounds.

    Paint Touch Up - MARS will match your factory paint color and remove those annoying rock chips.

    Wheel Repair - MARS will repair and restore the original finish to many different types of wheels after they have been cosmetically damaged.

    Bumper Repair - Plastic bumpers donít always need to be replaced when damage occurs! MARS can repair scuffed, scratched, dented, detached and torn bumpers for much less than replacement saving you time and money.

    Spot Blending - Along with the bumper repair, MARS uses only the highest quality paints and clear coats available on the market today. We use a computer and the factory paint code on your vehicle to ensure that the color of paint is an exact match.

    Interior Repairs

    Vinyl Repair - MARS will repair those unsightly tears, scuffs, cracks and burns in the leather or vinyl of your automobile, RV or boat.

    Leather Repair - MARS will repair the common damage to leather including crease lines, wear damage or fading of the dye including sun-aged discoloration and drying out of the leather hide which leads to cracking and tearing.

    Hard Plastic Repair - MARS specializes in the repair of the interior plastics of your car including cracked dashes, holes in the dash from cell phone adapters and any other blemishes and discolorations.

    Specialty Enhancement Services

    Carpet Care Advanced Odor Removal - Odors can be frustrating, embarrassing and unpleasant, even to passengers. Mars does not camouflage the odor with chemicals and perfumes; we locate the source of the odor and then eliminate it to make sure it does not return. This service, along with our stain removal system will completely transform the look of your vehicle. MARS are experts when it comes to the clean and repair of soiled and damaged carpets caused by normal wear and tear. We can remove damage from spilled coffee, Coke, sport drink and yes, even that thought to be permanent red stain can be removed. You don't have to cringe when it is your turn to carpool, now your vehicle not only looks good, it smells good too!

    Complete Detailing - Everyone loves a clean car. MARS technicians have the tools, chemicals, and training to improve the detailing process while keeping quality standards high. The MARS Detailing service features our own line of top quality detailing products. Most details can be completed in less than two hours. We go beyond standard detailing services by restoring the shine to the vehicle's exterior and leaving the interior clean and fresh. In addition to our detailing service, we have coupled other services to improve the appearance of your vehicle. To take your detailing service to the next level, try out our stain and odor removal services.

    Specialty Services

    Graphics - An excellent way to set a vehicle apart from the crowd is to apply vehicle graphics to it. This option is very popular with truck owners and is a very cost effective way to alter the image of the vehicle without making permanent changes to the paint. There are as many variations in graphics packages, as there are ideas for what could be done. Every day new concepts are created and every year MARS gets a wider variety to choose from. MARS technicians not only have a large catalogue of graphic options to choose from, but we have software that will show what the vehicle will look like with that selection on the vehicle of your choice. Unlike painted graphics, these decals can be safely removed from stable pain, returning the vehicle to its original condition. Graphics packages are a fun and inexpensive way to dress up a vehicle.

    Accent Trim - Sometimes a particular vehicle feature is good, but with a little attention, it would be even better. That's where accent trim has it's niche. Installing a wood grain finish around the center console of the dashboard is an ideal accessory that is a real favorite with truck enthusiasts. Another favorite is converting functional exterior pieces from plastic to chrome finish. These accessories are available for door handles, rear view mirrors, grills, fog lights inserts and many more applications. Contact us for more details.

    Automotive Accessories - Installing a trunk spoiler on a vehicle is a great way to make a personal statement on your vehicle. These accessory additions are often not just form but have a function too and can add a sporty look to a standard vehicle. MARS Technicians have access to a wide range of trunk spoilers that fit old and current vehicles. They can come with L.E.D brake lights or without. They can come painted or unpainted. Installation only takes about 30 minutes, after which the car is ready to drive and use, sporting its new personality. Other accessories we can supply and install include: carbon fiber door panel and dash inserts, wheel flairs, truck bed rugs & toppers, mud flaps, spotlights, door sill guards and more. The list truly seems almost endless. Just contact us today and we will get you set up.

    Spray Bedliner & Bedrug - Spray-in Bedliner is a great way to protect or clean up the bed of a truck. The nature of the intended use for the truck bed, will determine which kind of bedliner material should be applied. If rugged use is expected, then MARS Alien-Hide is the recommended solution. If the bedliner is simply being used to cover up unsightly scratches in a bed that will not see much heavy abuse, then MARS Easy Liner is a more cost effective option. Bedliner can be used on trucks, trailers, boats, outdoor equiptment and tools. Contact us to discuss which option is best for you!

    Paint & Protection Film - One of the most exciting products to emerge from the Automotive Aftermarket in recent years is Paint Protection Film. It is a thin transparent film that adheres to the front of a vehicle, protecting it from all manner of damage. It is typically applied to the front portion of the hood, fender fronts, and to the rear-view mirrors as well as the front bumper. Because it is transparent it is almost indiscernible and is often only visible inside a couple feet from the car. It is the next evolution to the car-bra and when installed by a MARS Technician comes with a 7 year warranty.